hanee birch

Distant Horizon (modellini)

This work needs a loving home or a place to be seen. If you can provide either, adopt it now.

This is still in the process of being cast into plaster and patinated. Sometimes detail is lost or undercuts made shallower in the process of casting. After the cast is fully finished the photographs will be updated. Occassionally, works are destroyed in the casting process.


This is based on a photograph I have of Rachael from the first day we brought our foster daughter home from the hospital (5 days old). It’s a nice closure piece for reflecting on that beginning. A mix of many feelings as we contemplated the moment and the future.

I am in the process of molding and casting this right now. I was able to take a few quick photos while the weather cooperated before I started applying the mold-rubber. Will photograph it more thoroughly when I have a finished plaster cast.

I also went ahead and included some photos of it before I finished some final details. These were taken indoors with poor lighting but give a few more views.