hanee birch

Drapery no. 5

This work is available for public display. If you can provide a place for it to be seen adopt it now.

This is still in the process of being cast into plaster and patinated. Sometimes detail is lost or undercuts made shallower in the process of casting. After the cast is fully finished the photographs will be updated. Occassionally, works are destroyed in the casting process.


I originally cast this sculpture into plaster, via a waste mold, shortly after making it. After that I made a rubber mold with the intention to cast into wax for the lost-wax bronze casting method.

A year or two later, the original master-cast was stolen (or rather, I accidentally left it on the outside instead of the inside of a storage unit, only to find it missing when I came back the next day), and I was left with only the rubber mold. This fall I will be pulling one final plaster cast out of the rubber mold and destroying the mold afterwards, as I really don’t believe in the idea of casting multiples.