hanee birch

Sink no. 2

This work is available for public display. If you can provide a place for it to be seen adopt it now.

This is still in the process of being cast into plaster and patinated. Sometimes detail is lost or undercuts made shallower in the process of casting. After the cast is fully finished the photographs will be updated. Occassionally, works are destroyed in the casting process.


This is a variation on an earlier wax sketch (below) from a couple years ago. I’m still not finished with this theme, as the figure came out looking rather younger than intended. Still, I had to let it become what it turned into. I am hoping to return to this some day with a terracotta of an elderly man.

The initial wax sketch came from the experience of waking up at the sink with a hot washcloth on my face and neck.

A year later, I stayed for the summer with an elderly man whose vision was deteriorating. The stiff and fragile manner with which he moved stuck somewhere in the back of my mind until this year when I revisited the ‘sink’ theme: I either half-recalled or half-imagined him leaning over the sink trying to remove something from his eye.

I am charmed by the small acts of daily life that all creatures engage in. There is a certain kind of intentionality and presence of being in the most trivial of movements or goals. Despite the lack of conscious awareness, these are very real moments.