I work to preserve what's real to me.

The work above, entitled Go Down Old Hannah, is an attempt to preserve and embody some of what I experienced as a foster parent; some of those challenging, but freeing, moments where the self slips away and you're just the conduit to what's needed and what's right.

The work above is also a bit of a self-portrait. My name is Hanee Birch. I believe in love, beauty and the frail, beautiful power of that which lives. I am not always optimistic about where the current of humankind is heading, but I believe that to hope and to be an example is a duty we all have.

While I will eventually expand this page to share more about myself and my artistic motives, I really prefer to keep the focus on my artwork. I make sculptures because I believe those are more material, for me, than whatever words I can offer.

While I make my work in order to preserve what's real to me, the value of such work is largely social. Shakespeare's sonets or Chopin's nocturnes may have been made for their own sake, but their ultimate value is in how they substantiate what it is to be human to each of us. This is why I believe that art belongs to the public.

Through the use of open editions, donations and grassroots minishows my work intends to be available to all in some form. While I will be seeking funding and support through my smaller work, my ultimate goal is to create life-sized work for display exclusively in public venue.